About Us

Japan Medical Insurance is one of Asia's largest independent insurance brokers. We specialize in providing medical insurance to foreign nationals living, teaching, and traveling in Japan. Our extensive knowledge of Japan and our long history of working with the world's top insurance companies mean we can offer you the best medical cover to be had.

When working with us there will never be any extra fees you pay to us on top of your policy's premium, we are paid by the insurance company should you choose to purchase a plan. Our continued relationship with numerous leading insurance companies allows us offer you international medical insurance at exceptionally competitive prices.

Ensuring that you feel comfortable with your selected policy and providing superior customer service are our main goals. Our group of experts will always take the time to understand your coverage needs and find you the most appropriate policies to choose from. In the majority of cases we can customize a plan to meet your exact requirements, making most of the plans we can offer you truly unique.

With our dedicated in house support teams always on hand, our advisers will be able to help you with the much of the administration of the policy, as well as claims handling, renewals and overall plan maintenance. If you are unsatisfied with your plan or insurance company, we can even assist you in changing your coverage. As an insurance broker we will always work on behalf of you and represent your interests, not those of the insurance company. This means that we will always offer you unbiased advice on any plan available, and will labor to find the policy most suitable for you.

Our team of brokers is waiting to help you learn more about international medical insurance. To find out what plans are best suited to your particular needs, or to receive a free quote, please contact us today.

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