In-patient treatment is defined as: Treatment at any medical facility or hospital where an overnight stay is deemed medically necessary. In-patient coverage is the starting block of any international medical insurance plan, onto which other benefits can be added. The vast majority of in-patient plans will give you the ability to choose the medical facility or doctor you want to receive treatment from, regardless of cost, this gives you the ability to choose the best quality care available.

In-patient coverage normally includes:

  • Accommodation at a hospital or medical facility.
  • Costs of accidents and emergencies, surgical theatre and intensive care .
  • All hospital administered medications and prescriptions.
  • Organ transplants.
  • Prostheses.
  • Any diagnostic tests and procedures, including X-rays and pathology .
  • Ambulance transportation.
  • Any accidental damage to natural teeth.
  • CT, MRI, and PET scans.
  • Any oncological fees, including tests, drugs and coverage for chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
  • Any follow up treatment resulting from hospitalization is covered within 90 days of being discharged from hospital .
  • Physiotherapy from a registered physical therapist, upon referral from a medical practitioner, consultant, or specialist.

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