Having a child is one of the most memorable times you and your partner can share in this lifetime; the last thing that should be on your mind should be worrying about the expenses and bills associated with this joyous moment. At Japan Medical Insurance we have on offer a number of international medical insurance plans specially designed for expatriates in Japan and the Asia region that can provide coverage for maternity.

A plan with maternity benefits provides cover for any pregnancy related treatments that you may require pre natal or post natal. Plans will usually protect against any emergencies or complications that may occur as a result of the birth, meaning that in the event of unfortunate circumstances you can concentrate on what's important to you instead of worrying about finances. Plans can also offer you newborn coverage so that whatever your child's state of health at birth, they will be guaranteed the best possible protection.

These are some of the more common benefits offered by maternity coverage: 

  • Normal Delivery
  • Complications arising from pregnancy
  • Emergency caesarean sections
  • Pre and post natal check ups
  • Home delivery expenses
  • Nursing costs related to home delivery

The majority of international medical insurance plans offer maternity coverage options. It is extremely important to note that most plans' maternity coverage will regularly have a waiting period of 10 to 12 months, meaning a certain amount of planning ahead, as the policy must be taken out before the child is conceived.

Newborn Coverage

A large percentage of international medical insurance plans that have a maternity benefit associated with them will also offer coverage for new born children. New born coverage will usually have a waiting period of about 10 months from the start of any plan. This means that no claims can be made on a new born infant until the parents have been on the plan for at least 10 months.

Regularly, two choices are available for a new born coverage benefit, these are: 

Free benefit for the child:

A plan with this option will offer free coverage for your newborn child. This type of plan will usually include coverage for up to $30,000 or for 30 days. After the limit has been reached an application must be made for the infant, if the continuation of coverage is required. A free benefit is often immediately connected to maternity cover.

Child is born into the plan:

If the child is born into a plan they will be guaranteed health cover for the foreseeable future, no matter what state of health they're in at birth. If you would like the child to continue to be covered by the plan you will need to notify the insurer soon after birth, this ensures that this child is continuously covered. When a child is born into a plan, the premiums for that policy are likely to increase marginally, to cover for the extra risk taken on by insurers.

If a child has a health condition at birth it is considered a congenital birth defect. Birth defects can range from being life threatening and require expensive treatment, others are more minor physical abnormalities such as birth marks. It is vital to make sure that your plan provides comprehensive cover for you and your child in case there are any unexpected problems.

The main types of congenital birth defects are: 
  • Genetic
  • Structural or Metabolic
  • Congenital infections
  • Heart and circulatory system defects

When you are having a child, the last thing you should have on your mind are expensive health bills associated with this joyous moment in your life. Our staff can assist you in finding a plan that meets your requirements and can ease your mind knowing your family is protected as you have your child. If you would like more information, please contact us today.

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