Plans that are portable back to the USA

We offer various international medical insurance plans that will guarantee you peace of mind, knowing that you have full medical protection should you leave Japan for the United States. Policies we can provide that can cover you in the USA comply with both HIPAA and COBRA regulations. We have provided a summary of what both these regulations entail below.


The "Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act" was introduced in 1996 in order to prevent insurance companies from overusing pre-existing condition clauses in policies to deny coverage. Both individuals and groups are guaranteed the right to renew any policy under HIPAA regulations. In the USA , HIPAA legislation stops insurance companies from refusing to renew or simply ending a policy due to the fact that a client has a serious illness.


COBRA is the abbreviation of the "Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act" of 1986. The COBRA legislation allows a group member that has left the group plan (usually an employer provided plan) to continue their coverage under a domestic insurance policy for a short period of time. Should a member leave the group they are entitled to stay on a COBRA plan for a period of time up to 18 months after parting from the group.

Whether you are American and would like to remain on an international medical insurance plan after your return from Japan , or you are a Japanese national moving from Japan to the USA , we can help find the best possible plans available for your specific circumstances. If you would like more information about international medical insurance plans that can provide comprehensive coverage in the USA , feel free to contact one of our expert brokers today.

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