Pre-existing Conditions

Pre-existing conditions are defined as: An illness or injury that has presented symptoms or is known to the policyholder prior to the time of application for the plan. Pre-existing conditions have the potential to affect an insurer's willingness to provide coverage to the applicant.

We can offer a number of options in regards to any pre-existing conditions you may have.

Cover after a waiting period - A period of 24 months from the start of the plan is usually offered to the policyholder and if, during this time, no treatment is sought for the condition then the insurer may reconsider it for cover. Treatment includes and check ups, medications prescribed, or symptoms displayed.

Cover with premium loading - Some insurers may consider covering certain pre-existing conditions in exchange for a higher premium. The type and severity of the condition will affect whether or not the insurer decides to offer coverage and some conditions cannot be covered even by loading the premium.

Exclusion - There are cases in which an insurance company will offer coverage to the individual but exclude the pre-existing condition and "all consequences" of that condition. If a policyholder enters a plan with an exclusion on a pre-existing condition, the insurance company will refuse cover of any treatment related to that condition.

Group coverage - For large groups with membership exceeding 20 people, it is possible that the insurance company may simply cover all pre-existing conditions regardless of each individual's personal medical history.

If you require more information about an international medical insurance plan or need help in finding a plan that will cover your pre-existing condition, please contact us today.

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