Waiting Period

Some of the benefits of an international medical insurance plan, such as maternity, are dependent on a waiting period. A waiting period is the time from the start date of a policy until the time that you can make a claim for that particular benefit. If, for example, the waiting period for maternity treatment is 12 months, then you must wait 12 months from the beginning of your policy before making any claims on any maternity treatment.

Coverage options such as maternity, dental, psychiatric and new born cover will, more often than not, have waiting periods attached. The waiting periods for both maternity cover and new born cover are usually between 10 and 12 months from the start of any policy.

Waiting periods may differ significantly between insurance companies. These periods are subject to the company's policy conditions. When you join a plan it is vital to know which of your plans' benefits have waiting periods attached to them and how long the waiting period is. Our team of insurance experts can help you to choose plans that will provide you with the most comprehensive cover; they can also advise you on any waiting periods that your policy may contain. Should you require more information about international medical insurance plans, or if you have any other questions, please contact us today.

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