Global Health

Global Health is part of the AIG group and today has the reach and knowledge to assure you and your loved ones are protected no matter the circumstances. Global Health is renowned for providing some of the most comprehensive and quality healthcare services in the world. This has been recognized by both the industry and customers alike, as it is one of the world leaders not just in the area of health insurance, but also in financial services.

Global Health and AIG operate in over 130 countries worldwide. This ensures that Global Health and AIG have the experience and wide coverage area to fulfill your needs as an expatriate in the modern world. In addition they can also provide effective solutions needed to deal with the multitude of problems and issues that you, as an expatriate, may deal with on a day to day basis.

Global Health and AIG look to provide you with the best possible global protection and quality of services. They do this with use of its global facilities in conjunction with local service experts to ensure the quality of their products.

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