Goodhealth has been offering quality international medical insurance to it's policyholders since it was founded in 1982. In the years since then, they have expanded their operations through 13 global offices to cover expatriates and local nationals in over 100 countries around the world. They employ over 700 staff worldwide and handle more than US $1.7 billion in annual premiums

Instead of having one head office, Goodhealth has regional offices in Tampa , London , Dubai , Hong Kong, Jakarta and Shanghai ensuring claims procedures are handled in a quick and efficient manner. Offices are locally staffed so that policyholders are always within reach of a central office that has in depth knowledge of their locality in order to provide the quality assistance and support that Goodhealth is known for.

Goodhealth offers an online Global Health Data Bank that policyholders can access in order to interface with hospitals and doctors around the world. This kind of innovative customer services have made Goodhealth one of the leading international medical insurers around today.

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