Multinational Underwriters

Multinational Underwriters was founded in 1998 in the US with an aim to revolutionize the insurance industry and provide top quality insurance products to individuals, families, groups and corporations operating both in and outside the US . Multinational Underwriters provides coverage extensively throughout 130 countries worldwide, thus wherever you may find yourself in the world you can expect Multinational Underwriters to have you medically covered, ensuring you peace of mind.

Multinational Underwriters was the first Insurance Company to embrace the electronic age and take the initiative to move to selling their insurance products online using the internet. Multinational Underwriters strives for the best possible customer service and support, so customers who take out policies with them can feel secure knowing that they can access help on demand due to their state of the art IT services and 24 hours a day hotline.

Multinational Underwriters understands the international lifestyle of most people today. Therefore, Multinational Underwriters' insurance packages have been designed in a way to suit policy holders who live the international mobile lifestyle of the world today. Multinational Underwriters' staff have also all been trained to above industry standards, which is reflected in the high satisfaction rating given to Multinational Underwriters by their customers.

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