Family Plans

Individual medical insurance plans let you to choose what level of coverage you desire. At Japan Medical Insurance we have grown strong relationships with many of the world's top insurance companies through working with them over the years. Because of our solid working relationships we are, more often than not, able to offer you the same plans at lower rates than you would find with another company.

At Japan Medical Insurance we offer international medical insurance plans that can offer comprehensive cover for the entire family anywhere around the globe. Whether you're thinking of starting a family or already have one, these plans are an ideal choice.

Family plans can be customized to meet a wide variety of needs. Family plans can include new born cover, comprehensive maternity benefits, out-patient protection, and even provide cover for emergency evacuation. We may, on occasion, even be able to cover pre-existing and chronic conditions.

A family plan is flexible enough to be suitable a person of any age or occupation and is guaranteed renewable. They can offer wide-ranging support networks meaning that you never have to worry about a lack of cover or assistance. This kind of policy protects your family where ever they are, so no matter where you plan on going next, you can rest assured that a family plan will travel with you.

Our experts can supply you with a wide range of possible plans and help you to determine what options are available that will fit your needs. If you plan on staying in Japan over a long period of time or even if you think you may be moving abroad in the near future, we can provide you with the best possible choices. Should you require more information about international medical insurance family plans, or to receive a free quote now, please contact us.

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