Individual Plans

Individual medical insurance plans let you to choose what level of coverage you desire. At Japan Medical Insurance we have grown strong relationships with many of the world's top insurance companies through working with them over the years. Because of our solid working relationships we are, more often than not, able to offer you the same plans at lower rates than you would find with another company.

Our expert advisors can guide you through a wide range of coverage options, and make sure that a plan will meet any requirements you have. Individual plans can be tailored to include cover for dental, out-patient, maternity, travel, personal injury, and emergency evacuation. We can assist you in understanding all of the myriad aspects of an international medical insurance plan, allowing you to make the most informed decision.

As the name suggests, international medical insurance plans are not restricted to providing cover in a specific geographic location. If you move to a different country during the lifetime of your plan, your plan will accompany you to your new destination. You will never have to worry about being outside your area of coverage.

Plans are usually guaranteed renewable for life and a person can almost always join an international medical insurance plan before the age of 75. While you are on the plan, you can be assured that your premium will never rise based on claims you have made. Because most international medical insurance premiums are community rated, they will only change due to age and medical inflation.

If you currently have a pre-existing or chronic condition we can help you to find coverage. For more information about international health insurance, or for help in selecting a plan, please contact us today.

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