Travel Plans

If you are planning a trip to Japan , or anywhere else in Asia , a travel insurance plan is vital. Every travel plan is drawn up specifically for your trip, and the plan can give you lasting cover for up to 12 months. A travel plan is the perfect way to cover yourself if you don't want the expense that comes with an annual health insurance plan. Plans that are tailored to your travel plans can give you comfort knowing that you will be protected in the event of any unforeseen circumstances and also helps to keep your premiums low.

The medical consultants around the world who work on an international medical insurance travel plans specialize in fields such as tropical disease, aviation medicine, orthopedic surgery, and cardiovascular medicine. Consultants are always on standby to liaise with local medical practitioners, giving you the peace of mind that help is always on hand.

Whether you are starting your travels in Japan , or arriving in Japan from another country, we can offer you absolute medical protection for the entirety of your journey. The travel plans that we provide afford you worldwide cover, including covering you if you travel through the USA and Canada , two places that are not usually covered by most travel policies.

Should you require more information or advice, or if you would like a free international health insurance travel quote, please contact us today.

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