Japan Insurance Resources

We regularly receive a number of questions in regards to international medical insurance plans such as what certain terms mean, who we work with and what may be going on with the healthcare system in Japan, we decided to provide a number of important resources you can educate yourself with. Because insurance is a product it pays to know more about before you purchase it, we try to answer your questions by providing you a list of frequently asked question, policy definitions, some articles about Japan or the state of healthcare there, and the companies that we work with all on our useful resource page.

Frequently Asked Questions: As the name suggests, these are some of the most often posed questions people ask when looking to buy insurance. Please read through the page to see if there are any answers there to any questions you may have.

Policy Definitions: We are completely understanding of the fact that international medical insurance plans are often worded in ways that are quite confusing. In the hopes of helping you understand your policy better in order to make an informed decision we have provided this page of definitions.

Health news and articles : On this page you can find important information about the state health in Japan and on things of note about life in Japan.

Insurance companies : As a leading broker we work with some of the world's best international medical insurance companies. This page provides some information on them in order to give you a better idea about the companies we work with.

Testimonials : Because we want you to feel comfortable with our professional services, we provide a few of the testimonials that we have received.

We always want to provide superior service to you by putting your interests first. Our committed team of experts is here to answer any questions that you may have, and are always capable of advising you on any problems that may arise with your policy. For more information about an international medical insurance plan, or to receive a free quote, please contact us today.

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