Japan Travel Advice

Because there are some things you ought to note before traveling to Japan , we have provided a few tips to help you have a trouble free journey.

  • Japan is for the most part extremely safe with low levels of crime. However, there are occasional incidents of foreigners being pick pocketed, especially in crowded areas such as shopping malls, trains and airports.
  • Japan has very strict immigration laws. Foreign nationals must have a onward/return ticket as well as a passport valid for the entire duration of their stay. Failure to obey immigration laws may lead to heavy fines, arrest and detention.
  • As of November 2007, Japan now requires foreign nationals entering Japan to be fingerprinted and digitally photographed. Should you refuse, you will not be allowed entry to Japan . Those under 16 are exempt.
  • Japan has a zero tolerance policy in regards to drugs. Even minor quantities can lead to severe punishment in the form of long jail sentences and heavy fines. People may be convicted of drug abuse based on a positive blood or urine test.
  • Japanese work visas are issued before entering the country, and are for a specific job at a specific employer and also at a particular place of employment. It is illegal to work in Japan without the appropriate visa, and you cannot change your visa status while in the country. Penalties may lead to a long period of incarceration, and after conviction, either imprisonment of deportation at the expense of the deportee.
  • Japan is in a major earthquake zone with one large earthquake in June 2008 registering 7.2 on the Richter scale. You should make sure you are familiar with earthquake safety procedures just in case and also take note of any earthquake related instructions in your surroundings, I.e. Your hotel room.
  • Japan has a Typhoon season from June to October, which is of particular note if you will be in the Southern region of Japan . It is advised that you pay attention to local travel details; the Japan Meteorological Agency has a site in English for more details.

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