In-patient Claims

If in-patient treatment is claimed far enough in advance, the insurance company can, in most instances, arrange direct settlement with the medical facility. In the event that a policyholder needs to be hospitalized (in-patient treatment), the best course of action is to contact their insurer as quickly as possible.

International medical insurance plans will always cover you in an emergency situation. If your hospitalization is due to an emergency, or you are otherwise unable to contact your insurer before being admitted into a hospital, make sure that you retain all of your original receipts and send an accurately completed claims form to the insurance company. Your claims can be reimbursed in most major currencies including GBR, USD, EUR, and RMB.

Our dedicated claims team can streamline any claims applications you have to make. The easiest way to ensure your claim is correctly filed and reimbursement arrives as fast as possible is to contact us or your insurance company directly. We can help by guiding you through the best way to make an in-patient claim, or just do the claims process on your behalf. If you would like more information about in-patient claims, or to receive a free international medical insurance quote, please contact one of our expert today.

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