JMI Renewals

An important part of any insurance plan is the renewal process. International medical insurance plans are typically annual policies that provide protection for a year at a time. This means that after a year of coverage, you will have the option to continue the plan for a further 12 months, or to seek coverage with a different insurance company. International medical insurance plans are usually guaranteed renewable. With an international medical insurance plan, even if you have developed a chronic condition while on the plan, you are almost always guaranteed the option to renew the plan.

International medical insurance plans will always base premiums calculated on a policyholder's age and their area of coverage, never on an individual's claims history, this is known as a community rating. This means that as an international medical insurance policyholder you have the assurance that your claims history will never factor into the premium that you will pay when you renew your plan. Regardless of how much health treatment you receive in the previous policy year you will always pay the same premium as everyone else in your age group. It is important that you identify whether your plan is community rated or individually rated prior to the initial purchase. If the plan is individually rated then your premiums are likely to increase with the amount of health treatment that you claim.

Approximately a month before your plans renewal date, you will be sent a notification with renewal terms and conditions. This notification will include changes in your policy such as coverage levels and premiums. The exact terms and conditions of the plan will be outlined in this notification and will give you time to decide if you would like to renew the plan that you are on. If you decide to renew the policy then it is a simple question of signing and dating the renewal notice and sending it back to the insurer. In many cases an international medical insurance plan will offer you an "auto renewal" option, which automatically renews your coverage for the next policy year. In the event that you have chosen to "auto renew" your plan you will be sent a notice confirming that the coverage has been renewed.

For many people renewing a medical insurance plan can be confusing, we can help by keeping track of your policy documents and liaising with both you and the insurance company to ensure that everything is handled in a effective and swift manner. Our years of experience throughout the Asian region mean that we are in a unique position to offer you the quality help and service that you deserve.

For more information about renewing your international medical insurance plan please contact one of our expert advisers.

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